If you have furniture that is broken, loose, faded, chipped, nicked, cloudy, or water-stained, AND you want it fixed quickly and at YOUR convenience then...

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NJ Furniture Repair

Business Closing - Nov. 30, 2016

Furniture Repair in your Home

Chairs - kitchen chairs, dining room chairs. Loose or wobbly legs, cracked, or broken. We fix them where they stand.


Tables - kitchen tables, dining tables. Worn or cloudy tops, water marks, scratches, dents or marks. We fill the scratches, remove the marks, and restore the finish. Table legs - loose or broken pedestals, dog chewed feet, scuff marks. We clamp the legs, make the repairs and glue the parts.

Chests of drawers - broken drawers, broken drawer slides, missing veneer, missing molding. We repair the runners, install new drawer slides, replace the veneer, make new molding and color match the finish.

•Beds - broken or loose side rails and headboards and legs. We repair or replace the hardware, repair finish on headboards.

We work where you live.
In New Jersey.
We fix your furniture where you live.
In New Jersey


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